Celebrity Run-ins

What is about Jesus that drew crowds of people to Him?

It’s pretty exciting to actually get to meet a celebrity.  Perhaps it’s at the end of a concert, pep-rally, or comic con convention that you’re instantaneously extended the privileged distinction of meeting a celebrity.  Perhaps you were pressed in a swarming crowd of people, soaking in the celeb’s presence like sunshine, when the thing you never though could happen happens—and in less than five seconds.  From out of the thousands of shouts and shrieks, a celebrity hears your voice and turns around to take a selfie with you.  From that moment on, your life is dazzled: a famous one deigned to take notice of you!

In a sense, Jesus was a famous one.  At one time, Jesus had over 5,000 people come to hear Him.  Jesus must have been patient and people-loving because He dropped everything that He was doing to speak words of forgiveness, listen to a story, and even heal the sick.  Despite the hordes of people He interacted with, Jesus always treated the individual like he or she was the only person in the world.  He always knew how to address and heal their personal needs.

What would it be like to have Jesus take notice of you?


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