One Awkward Couple

He’s absolutely perfect in every way.  She’s clumsy, weak, immature, and plain.  Together they make for the world’s most lopsided couple.  He’s strong, protective, beautiful, wise, and affectionate.  At times, it seems she is unaware of how much she is loved.  In fact, she doesn’t love him half as much as he loves her.  Try as she may, she cannot outshine him or steal his thunder.  She seems so undeserving of such a great guy.  But he’s the world to her.  Everything she has, everything she does, is because of him.  Though homely, her homeliness, melts away when she’s with him.  She’s stronger because of him.  When they’re together people ask him, “Is she with you?” He replies with a smile that lights up his face, “Yes, she is and I’m proud to have her by my side.” “So how did a girl like you end up with a flawless guy like that?”  “It’s only by the grace of God,” she responds.

Of all the awkward relationships in the world, none compares to your relationship with Jesus.  Some may say, “You don’t deserve it.  On the one hand, there’s Jesus.  He’s perfect and loving and heroic.  On the other hand, there’s you: weak, naïve, and unaware of how much you are loved. ” But, that’s the crazy thing about grace: it’s undeserved.  That’s also the crazy thing about Jesus’s love, He is proud to have you by His side. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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