Why Do Christians Do Bad Things?

Why do Christians do bad things?  This is a commonly asked question, but is there a good response?  There is if you treat this question from the right perspective.  The fact is:  Christians are humans, there’s nothing saintly or holy about Christians in and of themselves.  It’s Jesus, “the author and perfector of [their] faith,”[1] who makes Christians different.  It the life that Jesus gives Christians that makes them who they are.  Their dead human spirits became alive.  As C. S. Lewis so aptly described it, the transformation that Jesus gives is analogous with an ugly lizard who is transformed into a breathtaking stallion.[2] 

Of course, Christians transformation here on earth is just the beginning. God has reclaimed and revived Christians by forgiving their sins, giving them His life and renewed spirits.  The second part of their transformation will come when they see God face to face.  At that time, they will be completely restored.  As Paul wrote, there will be a day for Christians “when perfection comes the imperfect disappears.”  In the meantime, as Christians live transformed, but not yet perfected, they must make a choice to allow Jesus’s life to be exposed in their thoughts and actions.  When the life-giving transformation of Jesus’s life is ignored, that’s when things go wrong. 

The next time someone asks, “why do Christians do bad things” remember there is a good response: Christ is the root word in Christian.

[1] Hebrews 12:2 NIV

[2] Lewis, C. (1945). The Great Divorce. Geoffrey Bles.


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