Living Under a Rock?

Do you ever feel torn between staying true to God and keeping up on the culture? I certainly do. I keep my focus and fascination on God by reading His word, listening to praise and worship music, etc. On the other hand, there’s something in me that likes the cultural aspects of country music, superhero movies, YouTube, and Vans.  Does being a Christian mean that I can only Listen to Christian music, dress like a Puritan, and have zero technology? While there is nothing wrong with Christian music, Puritan garb, and minimal technology, I have found that being a part of my culture deepens my fascination for God. It’s only when I become preoccupied with the wrong music, fashion, or entertainment that my relationship with God is damaged. I can probably guess what you’re thinking, “how do you know what the right and wrong cultural aspects, such as fashion or entertainment, are?”

In my experience, I have come to rely on 5 resources to help me determine what the right and wrong cultural aspects are and I hope that they will help you too.

Music and Movie Reviews



  • Search on Pinterest for modest clothing. You’d be surprised the amount of modest, classy, clothing ideas you can find.

Computer Safety:

  • SafeSearch will block a lot of nasty stuff of your computer, though not all. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about computers it’s that they are never 100% safe. A lot depends on your judgment and web filter.

The Book of Life

  • God’s Word is not the last resort for finding the right answer; it is the first resort!

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