In 2014, I made a New Years resolution to read the entire Bible. One plan, one Book, three notebooks, and three years later, I am not the better for my New Years resolution. I didn’t change, but my relationship with God changed. My relationship with God changed because I could hear His voice, magnified through His microphone the Bible. It’s like God was speaking directly to me every time I opened the Bible. Listening to God’s voice was difficult at times. It required my willingness to be patient. It also required my willingness to hear beyond what my own thoughts were telling me. Sometimes God told me something completely unexpected–even what I did not want to hear.  In the end, I came away with a deeper fascination for God. I cannot describe the transformation that took place, but I can share small samples from beginning to the end…

Genesis 1

Whoever thinks that God is not creative needs to read Genesis. The flowing, rhythmic melody of Genesis uniquely depicts God’s creative and innovative nature. God named His inventions, He fashioned His world with color, and He generated a specific set of boundaries.

Until recently, I overlooked the intricacy with which God created the world and everything in it. Genesis chapters one and two depict the creation of the sky, waters, plants animals, and humans; however, something goes unsaid here. I realized that God formulated Kingdom, Phylum, class, Order, Genus, and Species for all animals and plants. God had to set the planets in motion, position galaxies within the universe, and generate the workings of the solar system. God had to create atoms, photosynthesis, gravity, cells, DNA, RNA, and other complex life-giving fundamentals. God simply spoke and our universe, our world, and everything that we depend on for life came into existence. God’s word–and the power behind–His word is inconceivable.

I never realized it before, but every breed of dog I see today was not made on day five of creation. People have bred new types of dogs for centuries and they’re still at it today.

With astonishing love, God gave His masterpiece to mankind. God allowed, and still allows, men to rule and subdue the earth. What did this power look like when mankind was perfect?

Revelation 1

Jesus unlocked the secret door of the future for the disciple John. While suffering for sharing the Gospel, I think John was blessed by hearing and seeing God, heaven, and the future-few people have seen heaven while on earth. I believe this goes to show how much God cared about John and the vision reignited John’s sharing of the gospel.

John was instructed to write down Jesus’s Revelation for seven churches. John had instructions to give a special message to each angle of the seven churches. Each message was meant to solve a problem for the seven churches through a word of encouragement for the enduring, a word of instruction for the wavering, and a wake-up call for deteriorating. Revelation also shed light on the events of the future.

The message of Revelation is a reminder to me as I am sure that is was to the seven churches, to live and act like Jesus is coming back soon. I don’t’ wake up every day feeling excited about the new heaven and earth. But I should because John captures the excitement and beauty of a better world. I live in fear of the end the world forgetting that God will protect me. I forget that there is an unseen spiritual realm.

The transformation that took place in my relationship with God is something that only experience can explain. My only encouragement is to bite into the delicious experience, but until then enjoy the samples.


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