The Book Life

The life-book analogy is not a new concept. Although the life-book analogy is as worn out as a toddlers favorite blanket, bear with it just one more time because you're about to get a fresh spin on it! I've found the life-book analogy to be the best one on the market because the comparison between... Continue Reading →


Opposition and Persecution

For the longest time, I never thought too seriously about Jesus's disciples. I knew that the Twelve were Jesus's followers and close friends, but I didn't consider their personalities, ages, and levels of comprehension. That has all changed. I've come to realize that, first, each disciple had something to enhance the Kingdom of God. Take... Continue Reading →

Dry Seasons

  Spoiler Alert: the next paragraph is going to reveal how old and dated the author of this blog is.  Growing up, one of my weekly highlights was getting to watch BBC's Planet Earth. Each week my photographer's heart would beat a little faster as the cinematography captured a stunning, uninhabited part of the planet.... Continue Reading →

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