So Much For A One-Size-Fits-All Relationship

“Hey girls which one of you wants to garden with me?” Whenever my dad asks this question it’s rare that I decline his offer, but if my dad were to ask, “which one of you wants to go to a concert with me,” my sister would be one to volunteer. Both me and my sister have different relationships with our dad. My sister enjoys getting gifts, going to the symphony and teasing. I like it when my dad says, “I  am so proud of you, Gracey.” I also like it when me and my dad just hang out and laugh together. Dad knows how to respond to my sister and my different personalities. He’ll tease my sister and just sit and talk with me. Although dad responds differently to my sister and my individuality, dad does not change. The same is true about God.

As God’s kids, we each have different spiritual gifts, we worship differently, and express our love for God differently. This does not change who God is, but it means His love for us is so great that He allows us to interact with Him in at our own levels. And what is more, I truly believe that God does not see our collective relationship with Him as a one size fits all relationship, rather He takes a personal interest in each one of us and interacts with us on a personal level. It is okay, and even natural, that we have different relationships with God.


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