The Book Life

The life-book analogy is not a new concept. Although the life-book analogy is as worn out as a toddlers favorite blanket, bear with it just one more time because you’re about to get a fresh spin on it!

I’ve found the life-book analogy to be the best one on the market because the comparison between the two actually makes sense. Think about a classic novel like The Hobbit, or Sherlock Holmes, or The Great Gatsby, or Alice’s Adventures in Wonder Land, or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, or The Count of Monte Cristo. Surprise! Every one of these novels has a plot; however, my favorite novels are the ones where the  plot can’t be discovered within the first few pages or chapters. One of my favorite books is The Scarlet Pimpernel a story of a British playboy by day French rescuer by night. I spent agonizing days and nights unable to flip the pages fast enough to find out what the “Scarlet Pimpernel” would do next.

When I think about it, life is a lot like a book. The outcomes of my decisions, events, or even disasters in my life can’t always be predicted in one day, month, or year. Sometimes I catch my self questioning, Why did I go through that? If I had known this would have been the result of my decision would I have made that decision a year ago? I had no idea I would be thriving like this! My life is like the plot of The Scarlet Pimpernel because it is unpredictable. But there’s more.

Reading the The Great Gatsby or The Hobbit can be messy. Sometimes those pages are mysterious and even ugly. One page can contain delicious descriptions and enchanting words and then I flip over to the next and it contains harsh actions and harsh descriptions. My life is the same way. There are messy mistakes, irksome hardships, sweet achievements, sorrowful days, exhilarating moths, and moments mingled with both tears and laughter. Just as the artful author binds all the pages of a book together to create a best seller, so God, the ultimate author, pieces together all the pages of our lives into a New York Times best seller. Now wasn’t that a fresh perspective on the life-book analogy?


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