Excuse Confessions from A Tennessee Walking Horse

Growing up, my sister rode a grey Tennessee Walking Horse named, Traveler. An atypical member of his breed, Traveler had an awkward gait, was abnormally skittish, and just downright stupid. Because Traveler did not live up to his name, he was called Scooter. People used to stay of Scooter, “The lights are on in his... Continue Reading →


The Island of the Everlasting Pizza Shop

It has been many years, but I can still remember the summer my siblings and I created the imaginary Island of the Everlasting Pizza Shop. Each Saturday around 5 o'clock my siblings and I would sit at the small, blue and gray kid's table on the back patio eating pizza, and suddenly we would be... Continue Reading →

What to Read When…

Ephesians 6:10-18* always conjures up scenes from The Lord of The Rings of warriors sharpening swords, fitting armor, and saddling steeds to prepare for battle. I have come to realize the importance of daily battle preparation in my own life. Without preparation, I can get caught off my guard when unexpectedly faced with conflict, fear,... Continue Reading →

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