The Island of the Everlasting Pizza Shop

It has been many years, but I can still remember the summer my siblings and I created the imaginary Island of the Everlasting Pizza Shop. Each Saturday around 5 o'clock my siblings and I would sit at the small, blue and gray kid's table on the back patio eating pizza, and suddenly we would be... Continue Reading →


God’s Friendship

God wants to be a part of your life like a close who you text to hang out with you on a quiet afternoon or who keeps you company while you do homework.

Prayer Café

A prayer café is a non-threatening, simple way to reach out to others in your community.  There are no rules.  The only requirements are a glass or mug of your favorite drink at a local coffee shop and commitment!

Is God Fun?

Does God approve of hilarity? Can God and fun be spoken of in the same sentence? God is often portrayed as dull and serious, but is this really who God is?

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