Little Me

You know, I think my walk with Jesus is more like a wobble, or better yet, a piggyback. I'm sure you've seen a little kid who is just learning how to walk. His parent stands beside him and hold his hand while he sways, toddles, and waivers. His steps are faltering and you can sense... Continue Reading →


Excuse Confessions from A Tennessee Walking Horse

Growing up, my sister rode a grey Tennessee Walking Horse named, Traveler. An atypical member of his breed, Traveler had an awkward gait, was abnormally skittish, and just downright stupid. Because Traveler did not live up to his name, he was called Scooter. People used to stay of Scooter, “The lights are on in his... Continue Reading →

Opposition and Persecution

For the longest time, I never thought too seriously about Jesus's disciples. I knew that the Twelve were Jesus's followers and close friends, but I didn't consider their personalities, ages, and levels of comprehension. That has all changed. I've come to realize that, first, each disciple had something to enhance the Kingdom of God. Take... Continue Reading →


So Much For A One-Size-Fits-All Relationship

"Hey girls which one of you wants to garden with me?" Whenever my dad asks this question it's rare that I decline his offer, but if my dad were to ask, "which one of you wants to go to a concert with me," my sister would be one to volunteer. Both me and my sister... Continue Reading →



In 2014, I made a New Years resolution to read the entire Bible. One plan, one Book, three notebooks, and three years later, I am not the better for my New Years resolution. I didn't change, but my relationship with God changed. My relationship with God changed because I could hear His voice, magnified through... Continue Reading →


Jesus’s Shoes

To truly say that you have walked in another person's shoes, you must be able to imitate their particular gait and wear their signature pair of shoes. To do this, maybe you'd have to strut in a pair of heels, or swagger in some Jays, or saunter in sandals. The question is, how do you... Continue Reading →


Last Night’s Football Game

Have you wondered why the four Gospels each say something a little different?


Let’s go for a Run

For those of us who are runners, we know what it's like when we're first starting to become proficient. We've seen the amateur runner wheezing at about 0.0001 MPH, or maybe we've been that person. I know I certainly have.


A Different Kind of Seduction

There are so many seductive voices calling today: suffer less, party more, entangle yourself romantically, laugh at shameful behavior...


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