The End?

Day 8 John 20: What would it have been like to meet Jesus alive from the grave? I love that Jesus met up with His disciples again. When the friends reunite, Jesus gives the disciples the Holy Spirit as promised to solidify their learning and to accompany them. Jesus announced the restorative work of the... Continue Reading →


Harrowing Events

Day 7 Matthew 27:32-56: Crucifixions happened frequently. In all likelihood the Romans, robbers, priests, and others thought that Jesus’s death would be like any other. The priests and Romans mocked Jesus for not saving Himself. I think they had no idea how incalculable God’s timing is. I can imagine these people reasoning, that Jesus should... Continue Reading →


Day 6   Matthew 26:47-27:31, Luke 22:47-23:23, John 18: Jesus had the power at His word to stop His arrest. He did not, He allowed His captors to come and take Him although they were afraid of Him. Jesus had committed no crime and no one could find a reason to kill Him, yet Jesus... Continue Reading →

The Garden

Day 4 Matthew 26:36-45 Jesus was sad and troubled because He knew how heavy His task was to carry out. Despite this, Jesus persevered. He didn’t become depressed. Wow, what an example for me! The weight of the coming cross was so heavy that Jesus asked His father, “Can you take this away from me?”... Continue Reading →

The Good Shepherd

Day 3 What I got from Matthew 26:14-35: Judas betrayed Jesus for 35 silver coins, yet what Jesus did—dying for the entire world—cannot be bought with money. The kingdom of God is not monetary. Jesus paid for lives with His blood. This price is far higher than money. Luke 22:1-38 Wow, reading this passage was... Continue Reading →

Love and Honor

Day 2 John 12:1-11 reminded me that so often I forget what’s important in honoring Jesus. It’s my joy to worship and pray; I can give lip service to Jesus, but actually making a sacrifice of money and reputation like Mary did is really, really hard. Deeper still is the point Jesus made in response... Continue Reading →

“The Whole World is Going After Him!”

Day 1 After digging into John 11:45-57, it blows my mind that Jesus let people conspire against Him; He willed events to transpire which would lead to His death. I would never knowingly allow others to plot my assignation; I certainly would not willingly die a gruesome death for strangers or meanies, yet Jesus willingly... Continue Reading →

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