Why Does God Choose Us

Why does God allow us to be His emissaries when He could easily do the business himself? We sin – we are imperfect. We have a blurred idea of God at most. We don't always get His message of love across and the clearest manner. So why does God insist on using us to be... Continue Reading →


What Christianity Is Not

Here are three myths about Christianity that are debunked in light of having a real relationship with God, one that is fun and fascinating. Christianity is not another religion. Christianity is a relationship. Dr. Alex McFarland said it best when he wrote that Christianity is not just a “get-out-of-Hell-free” card. Many think the sole purpose... Continue Reading →

Living Under a Rock?

Do you ever feel torn between staying true to God and keeping up on the culture? I certainly do. I keep my focus and fascination on God by reading His word, listening to praise and worship music, etc. On the other hand, there's something in me that likes the cultural aspects of country music, superhero... Continue Reading →

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