Dry Seasons

  Spoiler Alert: the next paragraph is going to reveal how old and dated the author of this blog is.  Growing up, one of my weekly highlights was getting to watch BBC's Planet Earth. Each week my photographer's heart would beat a little faster as the cinematography captured a stunning, uninhabited part of the planet.... Continue Reading →


So Much For A One-Size-Fits-All Relationship

"Hey girls which one of you wants to garden with me?" Whenever my dad asks this question it's rare that I decline his offer, but if my dad were to ask, "which one of you wants to go to a concert with me," my sister would be one to volunteer. Both me and my sister... Continue Reading →


In 2014, I made a New Years resolution to read the entire Bible. One plan, one Book, three notebooks, and three years later, I am not the better for my New Years resolution. I didn't change, but my relationship with God changed. My relationship with God changed because I could hear His voice, magnified through... Continue Reading →


What Christianity Is Not

Here are three myths about Christianity that are debunked in light of having a real relationship with God, one that is fun and fascinating. Christianity is not another religion. Christianity is a relationship. Dr. Alex McFarland said it best when he wrote that Christianity is not just a “get-out-of-Hell-free” card. Many think the sole purpose... Continue Reading →


Living Under a Rock?

Do you ever feel torn between staying true to God and keeping up on the culture? I certainly do. I keep my focus and fascination on God by reading His word, listening to praise and worship music, etc. On the other hand, there's something in me that likes the cultural aspects of country music, superhero... Continue Reading →


National Day of Prayer

Today, Americans around the country are celebrating the National Day of Prayer to seek God. The National Day of Prayer is long-standing tradition for patriotic Christians. Today, Christian's will gather to thank God for the freedoms of speech and worship. Today, Christians will gather individually and corporately to ask God to guide the Nation and invoke... Continue Reading →


Jesus’s Shoes

To truly say that you have walked in another person's shoes, you must be able to imitate their particular gait and wear their signature pair of shoes. To do this, maybe you'd have to strut in a pair of heels, or swagger in some Jays, or saunter in sandals. The question is, how do you... Continue Reading →


Last Night’s Football Game

Have you wondered why the four Gospels each say something a little different?


The End?

Day 8 John 20: What would it have been like to meet Jesus alive from the grave? I love that Jesus met up with His disciples again. When the friends reunite, Jesus gives the disciples the Holy Spirit as promised to solidify their learning and to accompany them. Jesus announced the restorative work of the... Continue Reading →


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